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You love the idea of keeping bees on your property but you don’t know anything about them and don’t want to take on the added responsibility of caring for them. There are beekeepers that are looking for people to team up with. They will keep the hive on your property and you get the benefit of pollination, helping save bees, and maybe even get a little honey.

Among the things you will need to discuss are: how long they have been keeping bees, how many hives you wish to host, where to locate, length of placement, frequency of hive maintenance, access to your property.  A signed agreement listing the terms agreed upon will go a long ways to ensure a good working relationship for both you and the beekeeper.

If you wish to host a hive on your property, please contact one of the UCBA beekeepers listed below. All terms and conditions must be worked out between you and the beekeeper. UCBA will not involve itself in any disputes.

Select the desired city:

Beekeeper* Phone Number email

If a beekeeper is not listed for your area, try an ajoining area.  If you cannot find someone, please email us and we'll try to locate one for you.


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