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Welcome to our classifieds page! All due paying members are welcome to submit items for sale to the presidency at All items submitted will be reviewed before inclusion by the UCBA presidency. Items/services for sale DO NOT have to be related to beekeeping. Ads will run for 3 months or until the party that submitted the ad requests its removal; the ads submitted will also be published in the association newsletter.

Disclaimer - the Utah County Beekeepers Association accepts advertisements for the sale of products, equipment, services and other goods in good faith. We cannot be responsible for advertisers' claims, distribution, inferior products or services. Buyers are advised to do any necessary research before making a purchase. The Utah County Beekeepers Association will not involve itself in disputes over goods or services.

Wilkerson Bee Ranch will be picking up packages again this year on a first-come basis. We will have Italian and Carniolan 3# middle of April. We also have a few hives to sell. Call Rex 801-602-7664
3lb packages still available at Kevin Cook. It is on a first come first serve basis. Plus he will make another order the first week of May and be bringing some more in. The packages will be coming from C. F. Koehnen and sons (Cordovan Italian or Carniolan). Please contact him through -email @ or through phone 801-623-0230 (please leave a message).   He will return your phone call as soon as possible.
"Produce your own honey? Have your own bees pollinate your garden and fruit trees? Do you have Honeybee fever? Package Bees to Arrive April 27, 2013 Knight Family Honey takes pride in offering only the highest quality Honeybees. This is why we only buy from one of the top apiary operations in California. (Olivarez Honey Bees) A package of honey bees contains: A Queen Bee of your choice: In her own cage hanging separated from the inside of the package. Young worker bees: A 3 lb package will have around 12,000 young bees in each Package. With a few lying dead on the bottom of the package this will be normal. A metal Feeder Can: A can of syrup to feed your bees while you transport them to their new home. Don't forget to order your equipment too. Visit our webpage for more details –
Brother B's - Now is the time to order hives. Starting next month all the "New-Bees" will be ordering and my production list fills up fast. Remember my prices include all taxes and the use of an extractor for those that buy painted complete hives. When one looks at the total package you pay about the same as from others but you get a superior hive. These hives are "glued & screwed" finished to a high standard and are made to last for decades with little or no upkeep. Each hive is made to order and this year I plan to produce less because of other work load and time. Brother B at (underscore between s and b). Subject line Bee Hives. Call 801-362-3515.

Bee Packages   We will be picking up packages again about the middle of April. We will take orders on a first come first serve basis.We will be getting Italians or Carniolans from Koehnen's again this year. We do not have firm prices yet but I anticipate around $70.00 for a three pound package. We can knock off $3.00 if I have a good cage before I go in April. Deposit holds packages. Paid in full by March 15th. You can checkout the bees at

Wilkerson Bee Ranch
Rex Wilkerson 801-465-9347 or 801-602-7664
Beekeeping supplies!!! We offer a full line of beekeeping supplies and equipment. Check us out at We have everything from Top bar hives to feeders. This month's special for UCBA members is our Top bar hive for $160 assembled, that's a savings of $20. We have started our queen grafting and will start to have queens ready near the end of May. We are open most week nights from 6pm to 8pm and most Saturdays from 8am-2pm. Call Chris at 801-471-3494 or email us at customerservice@3beehoney.comExtractor Rental!! Do you need to extract honey and don't have an extractor? We offer an extractor to rent with uncapping tank and knife for $35 for 3 days. This is 3 frame Manual extractor, along with it you get an uncapping tank and knife to use. This is a great set up to get your frames of honey extracted. Call Chris at 801-471-3494 or visit our site at E-mail
Abeez Honey has budget priced equipment and 3-lb packages of Italian Bees. Visit our website to learn about these top quality queens. Prices are $72 (plus $5 refundable cage deposit fee). Extremely lightweight bee jackets are $14.99.


Beekeeping Supplies